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On Sunday morning we went skiing with our group. In the beginning we went to school where our teacher of physical education gave us jackets with the logo of the school, the logo of our group participating in the Finnish competition, as well as skis. As the place of the Scandinavian entertainment was near the school, we went on foot. The weather was sunny and quite good, so we were not shaking from cold.
Our skiing track started on the bridge. Of course, we did not know how to use the skis, but the farther we walked, the easier it was to ski. We enjoyed beautiful landscapes and the view of snow-covered trees. We were supporting each other while skiing, because not all of us could ski fast and in a proper way. And even those who knew how to ski fast, kept falling. Also, we had short breaks for relaxing and taking pictures. When we finished our route, we were met by people who distributed magnets, tea and sweets. Everyone really liked this type of sport.